Best Health benefits of using Public transportation in Dubai

Imagine you are without public transportation in Dubai. How you or other people travel to their office, to their school or to their friend & family home? What happened, if people only travel by their car and no public transportation is available? Public transportation is essential for the livability of a city. Public transportation in Dubai is not only essential for the livability of this city but it is also safe for the environment.

1) Public transportation keeps people active

Everyone wants to breath in fresh air, avoid too much stress and being physically active. A public transportation or a rental bus in Dubai emits 162g less carbon dioxide as compare to a car. So we can say that traveling in public transportation improve your mental & physical health. People who travel in public transportation is mentally and physically active as compare to those people who travel in a car. Walking from their home to bus stop keep them healthy fit and they are save from some serious diseases like diabetes, heart attack, breast cancer, joints problems and from depression.

2) Public transportation is safer for travel

through bus is safer as compare to a car. When you buy a bus ticket, you come to know that you are going for a safe tour. A survey show that in bus accidents people are safer and they face minor injuries. But in car accidents more than forty thousand deaths occur every year. That’s the reason traveling in a bus finish this threat. Also these buses have good seats which have the ability to absorb more shock which save passengers and at bus stations security is better, due to which crime rate is reduced.

3) Travel through bus reduce the stress

Through bus people go to their offices and schools. According to a survey 60% of people are using bus transportation for going to their offices and 12% for going to their schools. Through bus people can also go to some other social areas that comes in bus route. People can take some rest and relax with their friends and family, when they are waiting for bus at the bus station.

4) Through bus transportation you can save money

Buses are great source of travel. As a matter of fact public transportation buses and tourist buses in Dubai are more flexible and can be used for any type of route. Buses offer inexpensive and best service for everyone. Bus tickets are accessible at cheap rates. As there are many bus rental companies who sell their tickets at competitive price, so you can purchase a bus ticket at affordable rate. When an individual travel by his car, he can bear the expenses of his car fuel, repair & maintenance and the parking fee. By using public transportation in Dubai you can save more money and you can use this money for healthy food, for improving your medical services and for better housing.

5) Buses are environment friendly

As environment pollution is the main reason for some serious diseases. Bus engines are designed in a way that it emits less carbon dioxide and save the environment from pollution.

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