Bus Rental in Dubai: 5 things I learned While Traveling Alone

Bus Rental in Dubai, taxis or private shuttles is well served in Dubai and traveling alone has taught me so much about myself and about others. Only travel made ​​me grow and evolve. It took me six months in Greece, a year in Australia, 4 and a half years in Canada and 6 months in Dubai to realize that the path is not only measured in kilometers. I learned a thousand things together and during these trips or periods of life abroad. But above all, I learned that I still had to learn that I would learn more and more about myself and others as and when my travels and life...

Here are 5 of the most important things that I consider to have developed and acquired during my solo journeys:

1 - I Learned to Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Traveler in Dubai and in other countries brings us to unknown places. Moreover, in places where we do not speak a word of the language. No matter the trip, no matter how long, no matter where we lose (all or part) of our standards. Our senses are awakened. Our gaze fuses every detail. Our hearing separates each sound. Our nose inspects each smell. Only our voices, perhaps, remains silent at times. We have to face the unknown, go ahead, and reach out to others. These are the best times to excel and push back its own limits.

2 - I have learned to Adapt Quickly

While traveling, we are confronted with other cultures and other ways of thinking. It fits and quick. For more one adapts quickly, and the better we permeates the culture. You learn to interact with local and how to behave with them. Adapt is vital. It took me time when I arrived in Dubai. It took me three weeks to feel good in Thailand and seize what was happening around me. But once it was done, all my tensions are released. And for the rest of my trip, I managed to adapt within days to each country. Culture shock is less important...

3 - I have learned to Trust Others

During my trip to Dubai, I learned to let go of the fleet, will not always be in control. Just because I could not. When you book a bus rental service in Dubai with connections, you do not always know how it will happen. We trimballe us from right to left. Tickets of rental bus service in Dubai pass from hand to hand without one sees color. We learn to trust. They know what they do. We meet other travelers in Dubai, we share our room with them for a few nights and the time of a trip before our paths will separate to go in other directions. Again, we learn to give our confidence more quickly than in everyday life. These are just two examples among many others ... But ultimately, you soon know who can be trusted or not, especially when you are traveling abroad and don’t know how to get transportation service in Dubai or other countries.

Bus Rental Journey in Dubai

4- I learned to Trust me

This is perhaps greater for shy and reserved. For my part, I travel more and more, I feel the confidence grow in me. I must say that I come from far away and I think it works for everyone the same way. A journey is like an accomplishment often a challenge sometimes, a dream forever. Back at home, you feel stronger, better able to meet challenges. One Traveler in Dubai, I realize that I was stronger than I thought.

5 - I have learned to live for the Moment

During a trip, there is no tomorrow or yesterday. There is today. We rarely planned more than three days in advance. It is only layer looking in our guide this will be done the next day. We live the moment and things more intensely. We live far from organizing a schedule. Live for the moment is a bit like liberation ... We learn to let the magic of the moment invade and take control. I learn a lot of things while traveling in Dubai, France and Thailand.

And you, what have you learned while traveling alone?

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