Bus Rental in Dubai: Huge success for buses in Dubai in 2016

The year 2016 marks an important year for bus rental in Dubai operators in Dubai: Following the liberalization of the market in August, more than a half million Arab have rented long-distance bus in Dubai. And that's just the beginning: In this year, almost 4 million passengers are expected and even though competition is strong. It is the Dubai carriers MapBuses and dominates the market to international operators according to a study of the comparative MapBuses.com portal.

Change in the number of travelers by Bus Dubai

In all, the number of bus rental passengers in Dubai has largely grown compared to last year: about 110,000 travelers in total in 2014, 620,000 passengers were registered in 2016. Meanwhile, thousand jobs were created thanks to this new market. If the current market growth continues, it provides 3.9 million of Dubai people traveling in long-distance bus rental in 2016.

Market shares of the Bus in 2016

Before the market of Bus is liberalized, domestic bonds were prohibited in Dubai. Bus rental operators in Dubai who want to enjoy the opening of the market are so numerous and we can see four major winners in the Dubai land for the year 2016 - according to a study MapBuses is the strongest foreign bus with 18.1 percent of the market and the share of Scottish market Dubai Bus Rentals amounts to 15.6 percent. Finally 5.3 percent of the Dubai market is occupied by Shanawaz Group and the rest by other bus.

Reasons market success of the Dubai Bus Rental

The successful bus in Dubai is due to the efforts of carriers: with prices starting from 1 Dhram and free Wi-Fi, the bus becomes more and more popular in Dubai. In addition, new lines and Dubai cities are regularly integrated into the networks of bus operators to allow Arab to benefit more easily from the new alternative to transportation in Dubai. In 2016, we then expect a vast expansion of the network and the bus market in Dubai.

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