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Anyone visiting Dubai for the first time will be surprised to see that this is a city where one circulates very little foot! Indeed, with the exception of a few suitable areas (Deira) or developed (JBR, Marina Walk) to be walking around, practically the entire land can be only accessible via public bus rental service in Dubai or his own vehicle. This is due to several factors. First the local culture that leaves much room to the car as the first circulating means: road network of excellent quality and renewed / expanded continuously, low cost of gasoline, low-cost vehicles themselves, distance between neighborhoods or outside temperatures preventing pedestrian traffic.

Public Transport

Many options are available to you during your visit to Dubai to go:


By far the preferred mode of transportation service in Dubai, when one does not have its own vehicle. Taxi (decent transportation mean) in Dubai is recent, secure and very cheap. They are air conditioned, equipped with taxi meters in big cities but not always in the most remote places. Incomparable with the price of this mode of transport service in France. For example, making a run you through Dubai from side to side (forty kilometers), will not cost you more than 100 Dirhams (about 20 euros). Shared among multiple travelers, this is only a few euros per person. A race of Mall of the Emirates in Dubai Mall will cost about Dirhams 50 (€ 12.5). There are thousands of taxis circulating in Dubai, all regulated by the government, and you will recognize them by their light brown color with the roof and the upper part of a different color vehicle (blue, red, yellow, green, ...) by depending on the taxi company in question. Pink roofed taxis are reserved for women, children and families.

All rental taxis in Dubai are metered and the management is 5 dirhams (dhs 7 if the taxi is booked in advance by phone), and the minimum stroke or 12dhs 3eur. So you can get a receipt for your race if you wish. The free taxis are easy to find in Dubai and if you do not manage to find the exact place where you are getting closer to a hotel, dhs or subway station or shopping center where they wait in general. To get a better idea of the prices, the price consulted simulator www.mapbuses.com Count between 200 and 300 dirhams (50 and 75 Euros) depending on the taxi (taxi or town car with driver) to go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. If you are in Abu Dhabi and Dubai want to go to (or vice versa) know that the UAE airlines offer free service between the two cities to their passengers.

Direct booking Service

The Dubai Taxi Corporation, MapBuses (Transportation service provider in Dubai), provides a direct telephone booking service available 24/24 at +971 55 2734040. You can count on a quick response, and most of the time, your taxi will arrive in "15 minutes, "according to traffic conditions.

taxi rental service in Dubai


The Dubai Metro system is very recent (launched in 2009) but still rather limited in terms of service areas. The Dubai metro without driver is an economic and safe means of transportation in Dubai. There are currently two lines but others are planned: Red line (29 Jebel Ali to Rashidiya stations) along the Sheik Zayed Road and the Green Line (18 stations Creek Etisalat) rather serving parts of the old city as Deira. Dubai Metro serves the terminals 1 and 3 (Emirates Airlines) from the airport. The ticket price is affordable and several options exist. There are also cars reserved only for women and children. The price of Dubai Metro (best transportation rental service in Dubai) tickets varies from 4 to 8.5 dirhams (€ 1 to 2.12) in standard class and 8-17 Dhs (2 to € 4.25) in the Gold Class.

metro rental service in Dubai


The Dubai rental bus network has grown significantly in recent years and serves virtually the entire territory. As yet the most economical means of transportation in Dubai, we can expect crowded rental buses in peak periods or on certain routes. There is also public buses rental service making the connection between each Emirate. The rental bus service operates between 6:20 ET 11:45 p.m., 7/7. Once there you will be able to take the city bus service in Dubai. The route is calculated on the distance. Allow between Dhs 2 (€ 0.4) for a short trip, up to 8 dirhams (1.8 €) for a long drive. At each bus stop you will find the names of the different stations and schedules (also displayed on screen in Dubai). In Dubai and Abu Dhabi you must purchase a card at the bus terminal and subway stations in Dubai and the load to be able to move. This electronic wallet is valid on the bus and subway network, rental buses in Dubai are air conditioned. Each action is always reserved for women and children in the countries of the bus.

To plan a route to Dubai by bus, click here.

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In Dubai you can also take the tram in the Marina district / JBR and the little tram "Dubai Trolleyā€¯. The tram is very new and it was initiated on November 11, 2014. It mainly serves modern expatriate and tourist districts of Dubai, located along Jumeirah Beach.

Street car rental in dubai

Water Taxi

The FSA has commissioned the Dubai Waterbus, safe and luxurious air-conditioned river shuttles. These expansive boats at the edge of technology are based on two structures that give them greater stability and comfort. On board, you will enjoy comfortable seating, panoramic views and even a food bar. Each trip costs 4 dirhams, or about 0.75 euros. There is also a 45-minute sightseeing cruise along the Dubai Creek. The tourist line of river shuttles (B5) runs daily and serves Al Shindagha, Bur Dubai, Deira Old Souk, Al Seef, Creek Park before returning to Al Shindagha. The tour price is 50 dirhams (about 9.50 euros) for adults and 25 dirhams (about 4.75 euros) for children under 6 years. Tickets are valid all day from 9 am to midnight.

water taxi in dubai

Private Taxis

You can sometimes see at the entrance hotels, luxury rental cars or vans bearing no signs "taxi" but still with a counter. These are vehicles of private companies. The rate is higher than the public taxi rental service in Dubai and this option should be considered only if it is difficult to find another means of transportation in Dubai because of the location or time of day.

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