Bus Rental in Dubai: New Bus Routes in Dubai - Already available or Soon

Bus Rental in Dubai were on the rise throughout UAE after their success in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ajman, they also will arrive in Dubai in the coming weeks. In Dubai, the market liberalization of the bus rental Dubai was made ​​in 2013 with great success. Until now, Bus has contributed significantly to the reduction in prices of long-distance transportation in Dubai across the Dubai. With an estimated potential of around 5 million passengers by the end of 2016, the same thing will definitely happen in Dubai also.

Certainly, liberalization will not only bring a lot of new Rental Buses on Dubai soil, but will also encourage existing players to win new customers with aggressive offers from € 1. As of September 3, MapBuses will launch several new routes inland in Dubai. Like the Dubai carrier, foreign competition also expanding its long-distance bus rental network in Dubai.

Mid-August, the British company DubaiBusRentals launched nine new routes linking major cities in UAE- links to other Dubai cities are planned soon. Already in June, the leading Dubai bus rental company ArabFalconDubai had unveiled plans to integrate Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and other destinations in its network of buses in Dubai.

bus rental routes in dubai

To offer an overview on the major bus rental carriers in Dubai, MapBuses has compared the bus according to several criteria. The comparison was made ​​with ArabFalconDubai, ShanawazGroup and with the leading MillenniumRentaCar in Dubai. The results show that different operators are all at approximately the same price level. Thus, ticket prices are very attractive, but MapBuses and DubaiBusRentals in particular, offer great deals on their lines.

At the moment, it is possible to find travel Dubai to Abu Dhabi - a distance of about 146.4 km - just 8 € with MapBuses! In terms of costs, the bus renal already offers an affordable means of transportation that is on a same level with the train and the car-and can even replace them. On the other hand, all bus operators have a high standard of comfort in their bus, including free Wi-Fi and a quick and easy reservation.

However, some bus rental companies in Dubai offer even more services: for now, ArabFalconDubai offers the best conditions to modify and cancel their tickets, while traveling Dubai ahead of the others with its generous amount of luggage allowed.

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