Bus Rental Service in Dubai: How to Travel around the Country

By impression of writing emails to our guests on the courses that might interest them, I thought that a small effort would allow me to give this information to anyone. First in a series aimed at preparing your holiday in Dubai. I will tell you all detail about how to move by Car, train, bus rental in Dubai and on bikes or foots.

By Car

traveling by car in Dubai

Moving in Dubai is more difficult than it seems. If you want to travel in Dubai by car, know that it is stretched, many roads are very narrow and if you walk along the coast you must take the ship. Finally, roads are at best limited to 80 km / h. So for your trips so do not count the kilometers but the travel time in Dubai is specially count.

Where to rent a car?

There is no real surprise as to rental companies in Dubai. Like everywhere there are Arab Falcon Dubai, Dubai Bus Rentals, Millennium Rent a Car, Map Buses and many more companies which allow rent a car a little less class, but cheaper.

Hourly Beware when renting a car: less than be at the airport, businesses often close before 16h and are sometimes closed on the weekend.

Also when the rental companies in Dubai are at the airport, you will still go there. So for Dubai Bus Rentals, Millennium Rent a Car and Map Buses must arm themselves with a good plan (because the rental buses in Dubai do not always go as often as desired, especially in the summer).

By Train

traveling by train in Dubai

Now I hope I have made clear that renting a car in Dubai is not always the best solution, turn to public transportation in Dubai. The train can be very interesting in Dubai: it stops in small stations, and there are very good deals. So by booking in advance, allowing you to go where you want. For example: you arrive at Dubai Airport and want to go in Abu Dhabi? 130.22 km (and many hours away).

Dubai trains map

The disadvantage of the process is inherent in the geography of the country: there are a lot of mountains and coasts. The image below shows the train lines in the country, which communicate with each other at Dubai.

The train will prove to be a very good means of transport in Dubai if you want something economical, if you have a bike, or if you are visiting Dubai at a time: the line between these cities is often ranked among the 10 best lines of the world!

By Bus

traveling by bus in Dubai

Not to mention the rental buses in Dubai, there are many rental bus companies throughout the country and to look a bit to find what interests us.

In Dubai you can find bus schedules online. For longer trips, there is possibility to use the MapBuses (best bus Rental Company in Dubai) or Dubai Bus Rentals, which also in Dubai.

Finally, you can also look at the Map Buses (which takes care of their clients).

Buses do not stop at all stops automatically, so do not should we hesitate to talk to the driver if you're not sure when to press the Stop button. In addition, small numbers stops are not marked on maps to simplify reading. However, if the bus passes there, it is quite possible to stop there!

By Bike, on Foot

traveling by bike in Dubai
The paragraph will be much shorter, but to help adventurers who pass by here:

If you are a cyclist, welcome! Given the impressive number of tunnels in Dubai, and I speak of small tunnels as 2 km long tunnels of 24 km, it is better predict its path well before leaving.

For this Rental Bus Map will be your best friend. To prepare our journey from the Dubai, I also used Bike Map which allows viewing vertical drop, marking the campsites, etc. Once your loan course you can verify, by zooming in many, there is no tunnel.

As an indication, for normal cyclists ( young people trying to stay in shape, but not definitively war lightning), you can expect 50 to about 65 km / day, just to relax and enjoy of the landscape. If you are a dull, welcome too.

Finally, super sharp for any question. You always welcome to contact us on MapBuses (Bus Rental Service Provider in Dubai).

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