Hire Minibus of MapBuses: A good plan to go Jubilee Games in Dubai

In this beginning of year winter sports festivals have reason to celebrate. Many of people are very excited because of another seasonal event, but the unpleasant fact is: the rates of trains are increase. To reflect the increase in trains rates, to invest in new trains, to improve the rail network or to take account of price increases (though largely overtaken by annual increases): there is always a good reason for that Train ticket prices are increasing year after year.

These prices higher and higher are one of the reasons why a majority of people favors the bus rental in Dubai to reach the slopes. Indeed it is less interesting to go there by train, especially to many, when most of the costs related to the drive (gasoline and tolls) are shared between the participants and are therefore reduce the cost for each.

bus rental in Dubai

With Map Buses, a bus rental company in Dubai and its cheap rental bus, which was true for bus owners is also for those who do not have their own vehicle, or are too numerous to use.

If you're one of those people who are planning to go to that Jubilee Games in Dubai with family or friends, and you think to rent a large enough vehicle will cost necessarily more expensive than taking the train, let us introduce you an alternative solution: The minibus hire.

Rent a minibus: more comfortable, faster, not more expensive

Mini bus rental in Dubai provide the comfort and drivability of a sedan or a minivan and allow you to easily carry all your family and / or friends , necessary equipment, that does not necessarily allow your vehicle every day (if you have one).

You will see that through Map Buses hire a minibus to get to that Jubilee Games in a group cost you at very cheap end. Take the example of a group of 7 people starting from Abu Dhabi to go Jubilee Games in Dubai for one week. Rent Map Buses minibus in Dubai for a week in March would cost very low, and 146.4km included allow them to make the round trip and move on site without a problem.

Traveling by Minibus, charge you same price that you would pay when traveling by train and when you rented minibus from Map Buses, its price is equivalent to trains but it is more comfortable, and a lot faster. When you choose to travel by trains, you must be added the time to go to the station, the waiting time for service, and the time you go up to train. But the journey by minibus will save you from all these hassles.

Rent a minibus in Dubai will also avoid some hassles for our guests on site in relation to the process (finding the vehicle from the coming station, run by dragging suitcases in hand, arriving just in time and realize that they have more than an hour early because they will have no place and will take next, ...), and allow them to be more mobile during their stay.

By doing some research among our minibus for rent in Dubai you will quickly realize that you can find equally attractive offers from many cities to many stations.

And of course they will be even more advantageous if you go over (the minibus you find on Map Buses can be up to 9 seats) or if you rent a smaller vehicle (minivan or large sedan for example) that will cost you less Dear.

PS: All vehicles hired Map Buses are covered under the same conditions. By renting a minibus on MapBuses so you will get benefit from the same conditions of insurance and assistance in case of failure, no additional cost.

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