How to find a best seat on the School bus in Dubai

Do you not find the best seat in your school bus? Do you always site ahead of a child who always teases you? Deliver punches to you? Spits at you? Here is the best guide how you find a best seat in your school bus in Dubaischool bus seats in Dubai

1) Start with to choose the seat in bus where you want to sit in

Select a seat whose back is soft, not close to engine and have no engine noise, near the middle of bus, but if it is a Flathead bus it’s engine voice is may be little bus rental

2) Once you have choose the right seat for sitting in the school bus, than start thinking is any annoying kid usually sit in that part of bus.

The School Bus

3) If you found annoying kids there, sit as far away from those kids as possible, but in the same part of the bus.

If there are more than one kid, than try to find out another good seat for you in the bus. school bus rental in Dubai

4) Find out, you want to sit near the right window or left window of the bus

school bus transportation in Dubai

5) Sit on a seat, and enjoy the noiseless and peaceful ride to school


6) At the last class of the school, request your teacher to allow you to get out from the class earlier

In this way you can pick your school bus earlier than other kids, maybe you are the first one who pick the bus and found the seat of your choice. school bus in Dubai

7) Don’t disturb the people sit ahead to you

If you want to reserve a seat for your friend which is next to you, than put your bag on that seat and start look out the window, so other people cannot ask you to remove your bag.


  • You have to find a noiseless place where you can do your assignments or home work too.
  • It is also good if you have your friends with you in the school bus in Dubai.
  • If you school does not have any rule about where to sit in the bus just because of your grade level, than this article is not helpful for you.
  • Must sure that bus driver did not reserve any seats.
  • If both boys and girls are allow in your school bus, than sit on the boys side.


  • Must follow the school bus in Dubai rules! These rules are usually written above the driver or the right side of the driver. If your school has a rules book, they these rules must be there too.
  • Some school bus driver start driving before you sit on the seat, so before get on the bus try to think where to you want to sit in the bus.
  • Point seven may not work for you if a person forces to sit next to you.

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