How to ride a public transportation Bus in Dubai

Are you tired of from walking or ride a bike? Is your office is too far away from your home? Then use the service of public transportation bus in Dubai. Depending upon the Country you live, transportation in Dubai is the easiest way for ride than driving your bike or cab, and your own transportation mean gets expensive if you found traffic in your way.transportation in Dubai routes

1) Firstly find out the bus routes and get the time schedule of your city bus transportation

For this you have to find out the bus route map at most public offices, or at the local bus depot or you find it on the internet. transportation Dubai

2) If you are riding in public transportation in Dubai in the evening, must sure you are wearing bright colored clothes, or giving signal to the driver with lighted device. (Flash light or Cell phone)

transport in Dubai

3) It’s best for you if you find free pass or get a discounted for buses in your neighborhood by reason of student status, age, youth or disability etc.

You can buy a concession pass from main bus depot. bus transportation tickets

4) Check out it would be inexpensive to get a pass or you can use it as a multi tour ticket for your regular rides.

transportation bus Dubai

5) Find a bus stop which is nearest to your home with your desire route and also check the coming time.

tourist buses rental in-dubai

6) Must sure you get you public transportation bus going in the right direction.

Don’t always choose to go according to the route number. At some bus or train stations they use the same path for both direction of travel. So if you only go by the route number than you can ride in a bus which brings you away from your destination.tourist buses rental in-dubai

7) Before bus arrival joins the queue and gets your pass or money ready.

tourist buses rental in-dubai

8) When the public transportation bus arrives, make sure the route number and destination sign.

By doing this this you make sure that it is the transportation bus in Dubai you want. But if you are not sure about it, then ask the driver for your route bus.bus transportation Dubai

9) When you get in the bus, leave your other actives like Phone calls etc. and go close to the driver and say some greeting like "Good Morning” (etc.) to the driver.

bus transportation money

10) Give money to the driver or insert it into the fare box or if you have pass than show it to the driver.

bus transportation tickets

11) If the machine or driver issues a ticket, than keep it. In case if an inspector comes than show it to him.

bus transportation Dubai finding seat

12) After taking ticket, find a seat

Keep in mind in some countries, front seats of public bus is reserved for elder people by law. If you don’t find another seat than sit there, but in case any elder passenger comes on the bus, allow him to sit there. bus transportation full seats

13) If you didn’t find seat, than go away from the door of bus and find a right place for standing.

Must hold the overhead straps or poles. bus-transportation-stop

14) If your desired place comes before the last stop and you want to get off at that place than press a button to show to the driver you want to get off at that place.

tourist buses rental in-dubai

15) When driver stop the bus, check your seat to ensure that you did not left anything behind and thanks the driver before you get off form the public transportation bus in Dubai.


  • If there are a lot of people on the bus stand and only one bus arrived, try to get in the bus by the back door. In this way you may save from pushing past people who are in the queue.
  • In UAE, outside of Dubai you can only use ticket for that bus company from which you buy it. For example if you buy a return ticket from a bus transportation company in Dubai like A and another operator like Bus B arrived over the night, so you will not be able to use that return ticket unless you buy a universal ticket.


  • Take care of your pocket when you are standing near a person, it’s not difficult to pick-pocketed on the transportation bus.
  • Always try to sit on the seat, or hold the pole while moving in the bus.
  • Please follow phone etiquette, if you use a cell phone on the bus.

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