How to ride the rental bus in Dubai, UAE

The most important tip that the tourists in Dubai needed is the transportation systems. There are a lot of rental vehicles like rental cabs, rental cars, luxurious buses and bus rental in Dubai. After reading this article you may come to know how to understand the transportation system of Dubai, UAE.bus rental service in Dubai

1) Research about rental buses in Dubai

You can research on the internet about Dubai bus guide. You found different links that contain several updates, like bus schedules, bus timing and bus routes. From here you can collect all necessary information and purchase different passes.

2) Make sure you have enough money for ride

When you are purchasing passes ask them about discount or concession in the charges of bus rental in Dubai. Some time they offer concessions for a child under 5 and for the older citizens who are 50 and older.bus rental in Dubai routes

3) Check twice for the specific bus route which is stop for a day

As Dubai added more bus routes with the demand for connections between public rental buses with the roads on the Sunday. Some bus services end around sunset at 7 to 8pm, on the other hand some bus service begin from mid night at 2am and ends early in the morning at 8am. So must check the bus rental routes in Dubai before going for a ride. bus-transportation-stop

4) Push the stop button to alert the driver you want to get off from the bus

In Dubai most of rental buses have advance voice technology, which inform the passengers about major bus stops and about next coming station. Some buses also have a stop button in it whenever the passenger wants to get off from the bus, passenger press the button which inform the driver to stop the renal bus.


  • When you are traveling in the bus rental in Dubai, try to keep your cell on silent mode and don’t use it in the bus. However if someone caught while using cell phone, so due to creating disturbance he may be dropped off at the next stop. Some drivers do not mind to chat on the phone.
  • If you are not sure about the place to go, then must ask the driver before getting in the bus. Many bus service run in the general area where you want to go, but not actually close to your desire place.
  • If you get in the wrong bus rental in Dubai and come at the unknown area, ask from people. Many people are ready to help to and tell you the right direction.


  • If you are out of cash or don’t have enough money, do not try to get in the bus.

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