I tested for you Map Buses, Bus Rental Company in Dubai (Private Drivers)

Yes, I know. MapBuses, this is not really new ... In fact, the concept has existed for over a decade in the UAE, and it has been over a year that Dubai hosted its first Rental buses. The concept is simple: you order from your smartphone to a kind of rental bus, and it is the nearest free bus that will be sent to you. The idea is to reduce waiting times by leveraging the customer intimacy that passes command. In addition to this innovation, MapBuses is also focusing on a "First Class" service to stand out from the traditional bus rental companies in Dubai.

This Saturday, I was in Dubai to lead a workshop as part of the International Open Data Day. While in gale, I decided to give in to my curiosity and test MapBuses, since I had already downloaded the app (free) and I had already created my account (free too). MapBuses has several advantages over a conventional system, in addition to the high reactivity of the buses (I barely waited 5 minutes each time). Here is a small list of things I like (in random order):

  • The MapBuses, bus rental in Dubai are allowed in the "bus" routes, so they are on equality with conventional rental buses on this point. Otherwise, two more vehicle models are available: luxury buses (different prices) and van (for 4-6 people).
  • As you enter your bank information when creating your account, you are automatically debited at the end of each race. So you do not need to have a means of payment with you (MapBuses also insist on that you do not have to give a tip to drivers). The smartphone app is very well done (see below). In addition to the application, you receive important information via SMS. You can find all the information of your orders and trips on your internet client space. Finally, an advance booking system will soon be proposed to complement the services offered.
  • The client, in case of trouble, for example, is in direct contact with the driver (you have access to his picture, his name, his license plate and mobile phone number). No need to go through any central reservation.
  • Drivers are carefully selected and approved by MapBuses (Bus rental service providers in Dubai). Vehicles must meet standards and standing. The service is perfect (it opens the door to the rise and descent, etc.), and as you can note your rental bus and driver, it is in his interest that your trip goes smoothly. Today is several hundred MapBuses vehicles that are in operation in the capital (independent drivers, partnerships with other companies, etc.).
bus rental in Dubai

Obviously, all this has a price. The prices of traditional Dubai rental buses are known to be rather unclear. Those of MapBuses (bus rental in Dubai) have the merit of being clearer, but they are also higher. Pricing is unique (not differentiate day / night, or week / weekend): € 1.10 per minute to less than 25 km / h, € 2.60 per kilometer to over 25 km / h (with a minimum of € 15 running). Exception, however, there are fixed amounts for travel to or from the two Dubai airports.

In addition, the estimates made on the site of other bus rental companies in Dubai do not take into account booking fees, costs approach nor any plugs (as was the case for the first of two trips).

In conclusion, yes, the service offered by MapBuses is expensive in absolute terms. That said, the experience was very pleasant. MapBuses (bus rental service provider in Dubai) is a decidedly high-end service that seeks to break the image of traditional rental buses (which already practices high prices). If the amounts requested by MapBuses may seem significant, the difference with a traditional bus is not it, not so great that in the end. In fact, if you were already planning to spend tens of money for a cab, I think that spending a few more to afford the MapBuses service can be interesting!

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