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It's time to rent a bus in Dubai for skiing

Winter is here, the snow is to go, and the groups go up. School, students, associations... It's time to rent a bus in Dubai to go to the place of your holidays with confidence.

The problem is well known "group leaders" or other "organizers", and the same question arises every year! What is the best means of transportation to get to a ski resort in Dubai?

For long distances

This is often the case, there are several hundred kilometers to go one way, and then a week of skiing on site and finally back. What the coach for a week? The bus operator company cannot afford to stop his vehicle for a week, and make it fit is quite expensive. On the other side the train may seem cheaper but it must also find a way to get from the station to the station on the way out and back.

So this year, we decided to push prices up for group tours to ski in order to remain competitive with the train, besides the bus rental in Dubai is a much more flexible solution and preferred groups.

For short distances

Yes, there are also the "privileged that live less than 150 km from the ski resorts for the people, the rental bus in Dubai is undoubtedly the best mode of transport both economically and practically. Generally the driver returns to the depot after each transfer and there is no unnecessary additional cost.


It can be a solution, not the most environmentally friendly for sure, but not the most convenient or cheapest either. For long distances, useless to think of it, between the tolls, petrol, parking etc. This is not profitable tout. Pour short distances it is not obvious if only to find a parked station. The only case where carpooling is interesting in relation to the coach is for small distances and small groups under 15 people. You see clearer? Otherwise you can always make an estimate calculation on our website or contact us and one of our consultants conduct a study on your project (free of course)

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