Rental Bus in Dubai: Discover the World Tour Axelle and her Family in a Motorhome

In 2013, for one year, Axelle and her family had the opportunity to realize a world tour in vacationer. Through this, they are immersed in the culture of some twenty different countries such as Dubai, Australia, Peru, Indonesia, etc.

During their journey they travel in different vehicles but in Dubai they mostly like to travel in a rental bus in Dubai and found it is the best transportation mean in Dubai. On his return, Axelle wrote a book "415 days around the world with family ". She gives us proof of this unique experience as well as advice for our users.

road trip with bus rental in Dubai


  • How took place your first experience in a motor-home?
Very bad. We do never do, and we had a travel project that we tried a lot. For us as a family it was easy to do in a motor-home. So we rented a big weekend but apparently it has not chosen the best region for the first time, i.e. the road between Montpellier and Spain. We found ourselves in narrow streets; our lack of experience was the cause. This was a bit disgusted at the time, but we still thought it was a good idea comfort level, and then they wanted three children continue to work as they were still in school and we would go more than a year on the road. The most important thing was our freedom above all, we bought a used motor-home.

  • What was the most boring in the preparation of this trip around the world?
The hardest part was making the choice of the motorhome, it took much time. We wanted our children can sleep when they want with two fixed beds. We therefore selected for a camper nasturtium, specifically a FIAT DUCATO ROLLER-TEAM which seemed to us to be a good choice. 

  • Have you noticed a major change in your family between the beginning and end of the trip?
There has been an evolution; for sure ... Our children have become very independent. In each country, we gave them some pocket money and were taught to fend for them. They had to learn some language, go to the inhabitants etc. Of course, when they were going to walk with us. This gave them a taste for travel. Compared to the crowded, we tried to be outside as often as possible but I enjoyed much have my family around me. Moreover, after our return, I happened to feel a bit alone in our house.

  • Why did you choose these countries in particular? Which one do you prefer?
The choice was quite simple, it took the country that everyone wanted to do and we watched the destinations that were offered by other transportation services in Dubai. Compared to seasons, we wanted to be careful and avoid the monsoon etc. My husband loved the Dubai is young people surf, we liked the music. In Cambodia, we met a French-Thai family with whom we identify. We also enjoyed New Zealand, suitable for travel to countries motor-homes.

rental bus van in Dubai

  • In one year world tour in camper anything can happen, do you have one or more unusual stories to share with us?
People are very curious. Sometimes in Asia, local look in our vehicle came out of curiosity but without asking. The army has even stopped us because the soldiers had never seen campervan and wanted to visit it. It was a bit the same in South America. In Australia, having an RV is completely banal but we were asked if all the French had a camper after seeing all the fans of the Tour de France on TV. In South America, the roads are in a sorry state we had a tire burst, there were corpses of tires on the road. We often would "shelter" in the heart of the villages people came to see us, it was wonderful meetings.

  • What advice would you give to a family or group of person who wishes to make a trip like yours?
Do not go with children too young or too old. If they are too young they will not remember, and older it's harder when they are teenagers they have other desires and level of education as it is not the same and it is a little harder. After so do not make a mountain, the hardest thing is to decide though sometimes there were difficult moments it was an experience strange family!

  • If you could describe this experience in three words?
Extraordinary! Rewarding! It's hard in 3 words, but most of all the desire to start again!


  • Do you know our services before this interview? In what way?
I had seen you. There was no TV but there is Internet. After returning in 2014 we decided to rent our vehicle and our research has made us discover your site. But we had the opportunity to rent directly to individuals and have not used your services.

  • Your first experience with this type of vehicle was a rental, what do you think the points that could have been improved?
Although this would have been done a little tour together with the owner. Despite the time spent for the discovery of the vehicle, rental buses and explanations, we were not prepared enough. I think it is also our fault, traveling holidays should be held to a minimum maximum pleasure (e.g., plan the places to stay, which we had not thought to do at that time). 

  • Would you be willing to rent your vehicle at particular?
Our vehicle was sold 2 years ago because we really do not use much. Our eldest grew up and did not want to go too and it's true that even by doing a few outings, maintenance cost quite expensive.

  • Do you make soon buy a vehicle?
Yes, once the kids are gone, we would buy a van arranged for my husband and myself. Especially, with a sliding door on the side, always able to enjoy the view. 

  • What advice would you give to people who have just purchased a camper?
I would tell them to train and really choose the right places before the trip. We just bought a one because we had a real project otherwise we might have not tried it. Summer is a time for the rental bus service and travel but there are a lot of people on the roads, I recommend starting in autumn. Last advice is to choose interesting areas that we hold heart to discover motorhome like Brittany for example.

beach in Dubai

  • Similarly for owners who rent their vehicles for the first time?
We rented buses and vans only twice, the first time it had gone well and not so well the second time. It is necessary that the vehicle interior is perfect, both in some vehicles there are smells, you really that hygiene measures are followed. It's good to leave a little guide to the renter in relation to security, storage ... They can tell stories they may have to avoid that happening again. Ensure that the vehicle is the most convenient for anyone who rents for the first time by making such a step.

  • Something to add?
It's a great way to vacation. Especially compared to the car change! On our world tour, it's pretty strange is something one wishes to both share and keep to yourself. If like Axelle, you want to experience traveling family holidays, go ahead, the ideal vehicle awaits you probably already in your :-)

Visit for a stay in complete freedom and safely!

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