To continue my series of articles dedicated to the trips and bus rental service in Dubai and in other countries, I present the contents of my carry for ten days! For my stay in Dubai with my mother, I decided to just travel light, choose best transportation service in Dubai and carry a bag of 10 kilos less than me. I cheat a little, because I have some business that I own her house who can complement my outfits, and of course because I have access to a washing machine. But it is nevertheless possible to hold it with hand luggage for ten days even staying at the hotel, and I prove it to you in pictures!


bus rental clothes in Dubai

Granted, it lacks a few colors ... But I deliberately carried colorless clothes in order to match them more easily. With parts shown in the photo, I can create about 7 different outfits, some comfortable and perfect for the day, others rather made ​​for the evening.

In total, I took two jeans, two sweaters, a vest, long sleeve top, a shirt, a skirt, a dress, pajamas, a sports outfit, a trench coat, scarf and hat.

Shoes level, I only took black pumps that I carried during flight (It’s best to wear flat shoes when you are traveling, especially when traveling by Rental Bus in Dubai or by Plan). I cheated a little because my mother is the same size as me, so I could borrow a pair or two if needed. In a different case, I would suggest taking a pair of stylish shoes (boots, comfortable shoes or sandals depending on the destination) and a pretty pair of sneakers that will be very useful for exploring, or for sports


travel light accessories in Dubai
For the rest, of course I brought my computer and my external hard drive, 1kg my camera (which does not appear in the photo because I give you a thousand, I used it to take ... ), my chargers, a book, my phone and headphones, my wallet and an empty purse that will serve me on the spot. I must take some cash with me because in some stores and on the bus station when you are purchasing ticket for traveling in Dubai, they don’t accept credit card. Of course I added my toilet bag with liquid products that can enter the cabin and my makeup case. To know their content in detail, I invite you to read this article posted last week.

rental bus service in Dubai bag

There you go! This gives a hand luggage for ten days weighs nine kilos in total when you are going for a long trip in Dubai (not included cat). Not bad, right? For cons, I think I'm going to add a suitcase in the hold on my return ticket because I may have trouble avoiding shopping once in Dubai...

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