I flew on Tuesday to spend ten days in Dubai with my family and friends, with a cabin baggage suitcase under 10 kilos. As this is the first time I travel to Dubai as light, because it’s not easy to travel on plane and bus rental service in Dubai with a heavy suitcase. I thought it would be interesting to show you the contents of my suitcase to prove that it is not impossible to go so long with so little.

Today, I focus on the composition of my toilet bag and makeup, because it is a sensitive issue when in Dubai transporting all its cabin business: what do me take and how much back week next to see the entire contents of my suitcase, held included!


In your cabin baggage, you can take liquids of less than 100ml cosmetics; provided they can do them all back into a clear plastic bag of a maximum capacity 1L. In trading, we can find this type of kit comes with small bottles in which you can pour your cosmetics. I bought mine at The Body Shop: the kit contains three small bottles of 80 ml, 25 ml two small pots and a spatula to properly decant your creams.

You will also find this type of accessories in Dubai, but it’s good to take all these accessories with you when you are traveling to Dubai. I have used two bottles of the three: I filled one with my cleansing gel for the face and the second with my hand cream. In the first jar, I transferred my face cream that I will use morning and evening, and I filled the second half with my foundation of the moment.

The space saving is significant! In my kit, I could add my key with me on a journey: body milk in small format, a base makeup, liquid eyeliner, a tube checker and my mascara. Last time when I visited Dubai, I found a perfume shop near rental bus stop in Dubai. This time I also thought of adding that perfume sample.

Level liquids, normally you do not need more!
I rarely carry shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste or deodorant when I travel to Dubai, and space is limited: you will find inevitably on site if you are staying with relatives or hotel and if not the first supermarket you meet will have everything you need.

liquid products for makeup in Dubai


For the rest of my toilet bag, I again took the minimum. Makeup Level I completed a corrective palette (useful for a possible contouring or a targeted correction and with its small price I am not afraid of damaging it), my blush, the loose powder (which now exists travel size!), a small palette of brown shadows for eyes, a lip balm and a nude lipstick. I could content myself with only 4 brushes but I decided to take a little longer because I really had instead. I also added my beauty blender, a small exfoliating brush for the face, a hairbrush and rubber bands, handkerchiefs and lemony wipes for hands, and finally earplugs for a possible nap on the plane.

bus rental cosmetics in Dubai
And here's the result! Obtained two small kits that are virtually no room and weighing 800 grams in total. This is enough for about ten days, and you can even alleviate any advantage if you do go that weekend. My advice is really to take the products that you are indispensable and expensive, such as your makeup and your care for specific face. The rest you can find on site.
 cosmetics in Dubai

And you, what products can you not do without when you travel?

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